This is my table for past prompts: zeros at [community profile] femslash100100. I made a general claim.

001.awakening 002.heartbreak 003.surprise 004.secrets 005.goals
006.mirror 007.lessons 008.regret 009.discovery 010.selfish
011.forgotten 012.boys 013.the end 014.misunderstanding 018.excuses 019.cold 020.conflict
021.night 022.kisses 023.apologies 024.wet 025.brown sugar
026.careless 027.homesickness 028.socks 029.summer 030.melody
031.august 032.covers 033.punishment 034.second person 035.double 038.scars 039.smut 040.serenity
041.supernatural 042.three 043.more 044.gluttony 045.pride
046.wrath 047.envy 048.sloth 049.greed
051.lust 052.old 054.borrowed
056.toy 057.crack 058.blood 059.water and me
061.night 063.sight 064.hearing 065.smell
066.taste 067.touch 068.dust 069.texture 070.key
071.caffeine 072.sugar 073.salt 074.alcohol 075.cigarettes
076.force 077.control 078.surrender 079.mirror 080.sleep 082.strength 083.weakness 084.ring 085.truth
086.lies 087.understanding 088.hips 089.costume 090.reign
091.prudence 092.hope 095.temperance 097.justice 098.fortitude 099.kindness

100. excelsior | fast and the furious, 250 words, t, gisele yashar/letty ortiz, space au — almost everything surrounding her is artificial, except letty.
This is my table for drabble cycle round thirteen: fanfic tropes at [ profile] femslash100. My chosen fandom was Matthew Reilly.
1. Sharing a bed 2. Enemies to lovers 3. Fake dating 4. Kidfic 5. Reunions
6. Time travel 7. Darkfic 8. Sex Pollen 9. Miscommunication 10. Domestic (curtainfic)

1. douglas adams was right | 200 words, g, elizabeth gant/gena newman
2. you're beautiful, it's true | 250 words, t, iolanthe compton-jones/zoe kissane (mention of past rape)
3. vegas or bust | 250 words, g, kirsty hensleigh/lily west
4. by the sea | 111 words, g, elizabeth gant/veronique champion
5. together again | 250 words, g, alyssa idei/veronique champion
6. journey to the past | 200 words, g, iolanthe compton-jones/zoe kissane
7. alpha mike foxtrot | 125 words, m, emma dawson/gena newman (mention of rape threats)
8. woman vs. nature | 250 words, e, abby sinclair/emma dawson
9. guard our girls | 250 words, g, chloe/marianne retter
10. spring has sprung | 100 words, g, elizabeth gant/veronique champion

and three extra drabbles:

11. like a virgin | 200 words, t, emma dawson/veronique champion
12. we know | 200 words, g, holly swain/lily west
13. frozen over | 200 words, g, sarah hensleigh/veronique champion
This is my table for drabble cycle round twelve: alternate universes at [ profile] femslash100. My chosen fandom was Matthew Reilly, and the pairing is Iolanthe Compton-Jones/Zoe Kissane.

1. Coffee Shop 2. Fantasy 3. High School 4. Historical 5. Movie Fusion
6. Spy/Espionage 7. TV Show Fusion 8. Vampires 9. Western 10. Werewolves

1. triangles for tips | 111 words, f/f, g, iolanthe/zoe
2. seraphim on high | 250 words, f/f, e, iolanthe/zoe
3. rumour has it | 198 words, f/f, t, iolanthe/zoe
4. walk the plank | 158 words, f/f, g, iolanthe/zoe
5. the point of no return | 700 words, f/f, g iolanthe/zoe
6. in the shadows | 250 words, f/f, g, iolanthe/zoe
7. the transfer | 250 words, f/f, t, iolanthe/zoe
8. the game is on | 500 words, f/f, t, iolanthe/zoe
9. go west | 222 words, f/f, g, iolanthe/zoe
10. heartless | 230 words, f/f, m, iolanthe/zoe



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